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Thursday, September 26, 2013

taylor returns!

Yes. The inspiration has returned.  I am now living in Sydney with me fella..washing and cooking and flitting about the apartment in a French maid's no no pics!
We live on Kent St at the end of which is one of the oldest settled areas of Sydney..Millers Point bordering on The Rocks. It's an area now going the way of all industrial and maritime villages not just here but around the world. There is a tight enclave of public housing whose residents are fighting the inevitable development boom and the unscrupulous government which is happy to move them all out and let the silvertails in.
Here are some photos of old and new Old Sydney. I know which ones I like best.
This is the former Palisades Hotel. There is a glass atrium atop and no sign of a drinking den  so I guess the whole building is swank apartments. Thirty years ago it was one of the local working mens' pubs.
 Those warehouses in red brick are now offices and residences
A terrace of working peoples houses. The control tower is a for ship traffic

The corner end of a leafy terrace
What a bottom this mother must have
The buildings in the rearground are over the harbour in North Sydney
An outdoor atrium for one of the wharves/apartments. Wool, grain and timber have given way to industrialists and rich actors
Some fireboats
This are was once very popular for period film and t.v. shoots

Australia is very dangerous re snaked and spiders. This one had just taken a child.

Warehouse that were once the tallest buildings alongHickson Road. Behind me is a development of maritime land that could have been a wonderful green space for the people. Corrupt politicians have opted for more high rise palaces and a second casino

The former Lord Mayors residence
I have always loved this old pub

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Making the tv ad

We filmed a 30 second ad at the Theatre Royal which took over five hours.
Anne Wood was looking very glam as tv director Guy gave notes 
Amy Lehpamer was fussed over like a Hollywood star

Matt Hetherington was his usual daggy self 
Our producer George Youakim worked intently in the audience 
I hope we get more people when we open. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sunday in Sydney

TT tells me the hideous monorail through Darling Harbour is being dismantled
So don't get on it or you'll fall off the edge
Been a while since we've done a "shadow shot". Here's one looking down on to the expressway.

My New Home

The Theatre Royal

Parlour Lane

This used to be the Retro Cafe in Market St. Sydney, next door to the historic State Theatre

It's been refurbished, although the gent in front is not a permanent part of the decor. Yet.

There are interesting art pieces in glass cases. Many with a kangaroo theme.

We didn't order anything as we were actually continuing on through the city
past Pitt St. mall...
and the David Jones window display...
and these very strange snails which are dotted throughout the city 
to the Art Gallery
and this splendid exhibition
which is not to be missed!