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TT in the Blue Mountains and Sheldy in New York.

Culture Shock.

Monday, July 30, 2012

One Last Look

(Sheldy) I'm back in NYC! My plane landed 15 minutes after President Obama's so there were dire mutterings of a two hour gridlock into Manhattan (it was also peak hour) but my cab sailed into town without a problem. Before I left Sydney I took some final pics on a farewell stroll through Glebe and Newtown.
I have no idea why a Totem Pole sits in an Australian park
These buildings are a part of Sydney University
Newtown still retains some of its vintage character
The Hub theatre has sat empty for years. It has been a rock venue, a live theatre and a porn cinema but for some reason it has been left to rot.
Newtown is loaded with vintage clothing stores
In the middle of the quaintness there sometimes rises an adventurous new apartment block
Bye Bye Sydney. Until we meet again! 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

We love a Cockatoo.

(tt) Sheldy's last main dose of Sydney was taken on the Harbour in wonderful weather.
The Captain gives permission to set sail
The locals call this "The Toaster"
Shooting away from Circular Quay
The Overseas Terminal with The Rocks behind

The wharf on the left is the home of the Sydney Theatre Company. This whole area has become so posh they have become a suburb in themselves

We come into one of the three wharves on the Balmain peninsula.That grey edifice was once a soap factory. Now only soap stars can afford to live in it
In that park I warmed up for my audition for "Man of La Mancha". Tears were pouring down my face because my voice had totally gone. I discovered my back was out! I got the part.
There are some real people left in Balmain
This wharf is at the end of the street that once was a stirng of boarding houses and abandoned cottages. We were paying $190 a week for our flat there in 1984. Now they go for $1500!!!
He was nailed to the mooring
The green wall encloses the Dawn Fraser swimming pool where that champion trained in her early days. Now she flogs the  Circulation Booster from her armchair.

This little island was a working dockyard which we overlooked from our balcony on Louisa Rd. Our place was behind the tree on the left.

Now the place is open to the public as a museum of its past as a convict settlement and shipyard. It currently hosts an art exhibition which uses many of the abandoned workplaces such as tunnels and factory floors which in themselves are hauntingly beautiful

A created mist fall
An enormous styrofoam mantle of faux chains covers rusty machinery

A gorilla

An old installation

 These feathers responded to sound

 This was a walk through doily but there was a queue. We never queue. But after all I am an actress. I can imagine.

 A fold up landscape from desert to sea

You wondered who were the last workers to wash their pits before knocking off for the last time

This would make a bonza pool

  A guide tells a rapt crowd that this piece is a pile of oyster shells and tea cups.

 It was actually fantastic
 It took ages to find this amongst the real weeds

 You can book rooms for a getaway in this old admin building
 The gulls are very aggressive
 These tents are available for short stays too
 Typical plebs using the art as a back support

 It took me ages to get this while the rubberneckers invaded the joint
This is called "Where Have All The Children Gone?"

A created schoolroom with one desk that held an exercise book being filled by a ghost child
The insanely expensive cafe
Crisp waiters plonked this down. At 25 bucks we might have gotten china cups

A craftsman is working on this ark
The Island rendered in glass

The exercise yard of the convict prison
Sheldon thinks this is a new dental floss dispenser.

The chapel

We got one!

We think this is just a Hills Hoist but at Biennale time you can't be sure

Twilight is nearing as we wait for the ferry back to the Quay

These are all taken on the way back through the ferry glass so be kind

Old spooky face on Luna Park
The sun is down as we chug into the Quay

A post script