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Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Boys

The cast changes have begun. Meet Branch Woodman. Yes, you heard right.
Branch has taken over Thom Allison's track. His voice is sheer bliss. Here he is singing at his church with Broadway performer Titus Burgess.
And here is James Brown III's replacement, Anthony Wayne.
He comes to us fresh from the cast of ANYTHING GOES. They are both gorgeous and we love them.
More new faces in the next few weeks!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lamingtons on Broadway

Look what's opened up the road from the theatre! This is fatal for my waistline. This Aussie chain store is already doing a roaring trade and it only opened yesterday. But how can it fail? 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on 53rd & Broadway, next to where the crowds line up to see Letterman and opposite where SISTER ACT is playing.
I sampled a meat pie and a flat white on my way to work and was amused to hear more than one concerned lady ask if there were low calorie options on the menu. It's a PIE shop, for God's sake.
I must say the lamingtons are pretty terrific and twice the size of the human mouth. I'm trying to set up some sort of cross promotion with PRISCILLA as our first anniversary is coming up. I hope their marketing manager answers my emails.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our patch

Eric Sciotto, who was awarded the Gypsy Robe as the PRISCILLA chorus member with the most Broadway shows to his credit, has finished the patch which will be affixed to the robe. A triumph!


The delightful Kirstie Alley filmed a segment in Nick Adams' dressing room before the performance then came to see the show and stayed to pose for pics with the cast afterwards. A full slate for anyone! And she was excited and sweet and gorgeous. We love Kirstie Alley.


If you're frightened of Shakespeare you won't have any problems with Ralph Fiennes wonderful film adaptation of CORIOLANUS. The script by John Logan is clear as a bell and the acting is first rate, particularly from Fiennes (who has played the role in London and New York), Gerald Butler, Brian Cox and Paul Jesson.
And then there is Vanessa Redgrave giving one of the great performances of her career. Or anyone's career, for that matter. It's worth seeing if only for her. Warning: some rather startling violence.

Tierney Sutton Band

A thrilling night at Birdland introducing my castmate Keala to longtime faves of mine, the Tierney Sutton Band. Ms. Sutton sits on a stool centre stage, her long legs elegantly crossed and her expressive hands illustrating the music in the air, sometimes just pounding out a driving rhythm on her thigh. The piano, bass and drum combo that accompany her have been together 19 years and have earned four Grammy nominations. They all devise their unique arrangements together and they all sign off on the evening's song selection which changes at each performance. Highlights for me were a jaw-dropping combination of "Something's Coming" and "Cool" and an excruciatingly intense "Cry Me a River". We were a small but enthusiastic audience at the 11pm show and Ms. Sutton and her band responded with delight, witty banter and a few spontaneous changes to the song list. Seek them out and become a disciple. Check out the Youtube clip above.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Nathan Lee Graham took his new corgi pup George De Witt for a quick walk between shows.
Nathan is wearing his "Miss Understanding" costume and makeup under his dressing gown with the addition of a furry hat, manbag and boots to combat the winter chill. George is wearing some sort of sling. Where are the fashion police when you need them?

Farewell Thom

A bittersweet night as we bade farewell to the greatly loved Thom Allison.
A leading light of musical theatre and cabaret in his native Canada, Thom is returning to the Shaw Festival to play a dream role, Coalhouse Walker in RAGTIME. He has the voice of an angel and will eat up that magnificent score.
Thom was my understudy but I never let the poor bugger get onstage. He did, however, don the corset and heels to much acclaim in a stage adaptation of the film OUTRAGEOUS! some years ago and I can tell you he makes a spectacularly beautiful dame. Which could be why I never let the poor bugger get onstage...
Thom was the quiet social centre of the "adult" male dressing room, softly playing jazz and showtunes as he transformed the space with lights and decorations into an enchanted Christmas Cave which everyone is still reluctant to dismantle.  He became reknowned for his cupcakes which started as simple treats and gradually evolved into the bravest gastronomic experiments. His grand finale offering involved wasabi, strawberry cream, seaweed and rice crackers, a masterpiece for which the top restaurants of the world would charge a small fortune.
 Thom was applying for his Green Card when I decided to do the same, and I could not have survived the process without his advice and encouragement. We're going to throw one heck of a party when we finally get 'em. The whole company turned out to say goodbye to Thom with pizza and champagne, even the glorious Wayne Wilcox who left our cast to join the revival of CARRIE, soon to open Off-Broadway. Two new cast members join our merry band next Friday night. And the beat goes on...

Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Telling Anyway

There's a little hotdog place on St. Mark's Place in the East Village with an old fashioned phone booth near the front door.
 This is the rather "Get Smart" style entry to a 'speakeasy' called PDT. Or Please Don't Tell.
You pick up the phone and give your name and an inner door suddenly swings open.... and you're inside this intimate quiet bar where the splendidly inventive cocktail list changes daily and the bill of fare is gourmet hotdogs and tater tots. YUMMO!!!!!
Six of us from PRISCILLA sat in the middle booth and scoffed everything on the menu. We were as stuffed as the animals on the shelves above us. Phone reservations open at 3pm (the address isn't even on their website) and the place is usually booked out within half an hour. Fun. It made me very homesick for my old 'hood now that I've moved uptown to 93rd St.

vale toshiba notebook

My readers... my little computer has exploded and as I am not replacing it til NY I will temporarily cease these spasmodic raves until Feb by which time I will be back in NY. All love to you and  I leave you in the capable hands of Sheldon alone for now    xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I spent the day off at the country home of Mr. Will Swenson and Ms Audra McDonald in Croton-on-Hudson. But, really...what is home? A few sticks of wood in a wilderness?
Is home really hearth? 
Oh, arrogant mankind, to think we can ever own this earth beneath our feet
The water that falls from the sky and then freezes in haughty contempt
For we are not the first to tread this soil
There are other beings out there of which we know little. Perhaps nothing.
But there is indisputable and terrible evidence....that they were here long before us.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twisted Sissies

Twisted Sisters' Dee Snider is working on a new album and guess who is among the guest artists?
The very charming and talented Mr. Snider (who has played a short engagement in ROCK OF AGES on Broadway) gave us a sneak preview of some of the tracks and I think it is going to surprise a lot of his fans!

the little matchgirl

Last night I went to see Miaow Miaow( aka Melissa Madden Grey) and Mitchell Butel with a banc led by Lance Horne in a very free adaption of the Hans Andersen fairy tale. it was riveting and I was spell bound!!

Here is the Hyde Park station which has advertised the rotgut Chateau Tanunda for years

St Mary's in the dying light
Thhe famous Spiegeltent which housed the play

The glorious chandelier which doubles as the dress  which our heroine dons for her ascent to heaven

The delicious exterior paintings

Madame Miaow gives her final notes for the evening
Mr Butel kindly walked the old codger home to Glebe. He is a doll and was wonderful in the show!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Broadway/Oz Showbiz Cares

I am so thrilled about this. Tom Viola at Broadway Cares donated twenty thousand dollars on my behalf to our Aussie equivalent Oz Showbiz Cares to thank the PRISCILLA cast for our fundraising efforts last month. Very chuffed indeed.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

No Such Address

It seems I am living a lie. My mum's Christmas card to me was returned.

Farewell Luke

We wished Happy Trails to Luke Mannikus tonight. He has played Benjy since we opened in Toronto.
After a beautiful speech we tucked into Monkey Cake from the ever reliable Amy's Bread
Jacquie made Luke some Diva Dolls as souvenirs
And Luke presented Will with a farewell drawing of all the cast

which Will then critiqued, reducing Luke and Gaten to rather undignified helpless giggles
Gaten will now be alternating with a new cast member, Sebastian, but I know Luke will continue to have a glittering career and we're sure to meet again in the Corridors of Show Biz!!!

Some bits of Melbourne in my last week

The most delightful cafe run by Mary from Amsterdam.

The hectic Nicholson St shops

A wonderful number right nest to a dental clinic possible run by some asians. Cheap racist remark

A lovely cottage in Port Melbourne
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Jurga, the MTC wiggie fitted me with my new headpiece for the musical version of Chasuble's story which follows his sad life after Miss Prism leaves him for Jenkins, the carter
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