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TT in the Blue Mountains and Sheldy in New York.

Culture Shock.

Monday, October 31, 2011

cup and tuck

(tt) Well we had a wonderful cup lunch in the back yard. Graham cooked excellent snags.We watched the race and my horse came third so I got my 5 dollar sweep money back. Then we had a screening of Phoebe Hartley's 10 minute film called "Switch" which is truly lovely and made us all weep! She intends to enter it into some international festivals.
The arvo was finished off with gateaux extraordinaires..Phoebe's rose water and poppyseed muffins and the disgusting eclairs.

Belch, wipe, sigh!

West Village treats

An entire shop that only sells tiramisu!!!!!
If I ever went inside I would never be able to fit into THIS place...
It's a T-shirt shop.
tt says he's already blogged the Christopher St PATH train station but I'd never seen it until today.
I came across this theatre where Ellen Burstyn & John Glover have just opened in a new play. It was panned in this morning's NY Times so it probably won't be here for too long. These figures were in a display window next to the theatre.
Had my dinner at A Salt and battery, a real English fish and chip shop next door to Tea and Sympathy, a real English tea room. Lovely piece of pollock with mushy peas! Sat on that stool on the left.

Channelling tt

A broken mirror disposed of on the sidewalk inspired me to pay tribute to the Master, Monsieur Avedon, otherwise known as tt
I am but the shadow of his dog.

Visualising in Greenwich Village

I really want to live in the West Village, it's my favourite part of New York, so I visited and visualised some of the places I would like to inhabit/rent/own someday. The houses next to the Cherry Lane Theatre have always been my first choice.
or even across the street..

TT and I could have adjoining quarters
I could learn to ride a bike. Or not.

 The people in the top left windows were preparing dinner. I stood outside and watched like the Little Match Girl.
This is where the High Line begins and there is that strange building that straddles it where you can see people having it off. Reportedly people were paid to make love in the windows as a PR stunt when the High Line first opened to attract the gawking tourists. Is it a hotel or apartments...?
That top floor looks like a ballroom. I could live there.
I never get to see the Village at night because I'm working.
It's good to know I can also find Hudson Bar and Books in Prague.
And I can buy my English groceries at Myers of Keswick
I could live in this department store like Anthony Perkins in "Evening Primrose".
This cop was checking out a restaurant menu before the crowds arrived for the Halloween Parade
This man was so beautiful I couldn't get a decent shot of him without blushing and giggling so I gave up.
and my favourite outfit of the whole day...