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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Photo lessons

(tt)  My photography teacher, Alison Wearn, took me out in the rain and wind and into the streets and parks of Sydney to get to know my camera more intimately. Very patiently she showed me what the camera can do and I am sure looked at me sadly at times and saw what her dumb pupil can't!
Here we are towards the end of the time on Observatory Hill looking over at an icon

We began at Lady Macquarie's chair. It was raining and I thought the blobs of rain on the lens were artistic. Alison knew I was just lazy

This is a detail from the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park

It was designed by the French sculptor, Francois- Leon Sicard, and unveiled in 1932. It was once  a very popular meeting place for gentlemen who wanted to borrow a match after dark.

You can't escape NY   A wedding party was being photographed on Observatory Hill and they poured out of this
And here they are. I call this "Sunday in the Park With Hing"

Here's Hans Andersen

We stopped off finally to look under the Bridge and take in the Opera House which never fails to give you the bumps

Here she is

Here is the mouth entrance to Luna Park which like Coney Island is only a shadow of its former glorious self

And so dear friends I give you 


ps something has gone gaga with the writing tool so I have had to delete some comments I will try and put them back in at a later time but then you will have moved on so they probably won't be seen so should I bother i must read Ulysses....zzzz

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  1. Oh cloudy-photos are the much can be done with them in post or even with changing exposures before taking. So fun! Absolutely adore the park photo with the lady holding up the umbrella...even in thumbnail form it's beautiful!
    And the QVB photos, love them. When I was there I must've taken a hundred photos from different angles when it was sunny outside, which provided really interestingly-lit images.