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TT in the Blue Mountains and Sheldy in New York.

Culture Shock.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A brief musicale

And just like that, we're on! Only five performances spread out over a week then it's all over.
This company is soooo talented. The new young kids on the block have huge careers ahead of them

We only got one quick run-through with the band before we opened.
A few hours in the theatre with lights and costumes and then....TA DAAAA!!!!!
Also lovely to be working with my old mate Ben McHugh from THE PRODUCERS in Australia 11 years ago. He sang "Springtime For Hitler" and I was....well....Hitler.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rehearsals and Raindrops

So I'm playing grandfathers now. Ugh. With Chase Crandell who plays my grandson in ICON.
Flower girls! Donna McKechnie with Chloe Holgate, whose father Ron Holgate won a Tony Award for "1776" and created the role of Miles Gloriosus in A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM.
I also hosted the New York Musicals Festival (NYMF) preview in Worldwide Plaza, interviewing performers from all the shows including Lesli Margherita (below).

Just as our number from ICON started, the heavens opened and the crowd ran for cover. The technical chaps immediately unplugged the sound system, leaving our stars Sam Simahk and Casey Shane silenced.
My lovely co-star from MAN OF LA MANCHA in Sydney, Marika Aubrey, was over for a flying visit with her husband Kurt....
and when the rains came they proved their Aussie mettle and danced while everyone else fled.

The Poster

ICON press launch

Donna McKechnie introduces the ICON cast before we perform our number for the press.

Taking a bow with Donna and Charlotte Maltby.
and with our director/choreographer Paul Stancato.