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Culture Shock.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Where the wind blows when it doesn't

(tt)   I just took off after brekky and made like a leaf. The weather is byewdeefool

 A this-will-do on West 89th

Regulars will have seen this before but not from this angle

We are on Riverside by the way and a bus came along so I threw caution and leapt on

And leapt off on Fifth Avenue. It was time for my annual pilgrimage to F.A.O.Shwartz.
This is one of the Cathedrals of Wannawanna where the initiates are baptised before they can speak
 The apse

Some prelates

A font of seals

Auditions for Noah

Drink these

This is John for the tree

Now this is a reef of soft toys all stitched together. It is absolutely hideous.

Spiderman was on duty in his glass box

There was a live nurse on duty should you need to adopt.

My boyfriend, Ron

Guess who Mattel is honouring here

This is Grace Kelly in 'Rear Window'  I wonder if there is a companion Jimmy Stewart in a chair

Guess what these are

Give up?  Hats for kids

A chocolate stop for when the sugars get you

Now these are something.  I had some when I was a kid - I mean a tiny kid. Farm animals by the hundreds.

 A replica of Mary P's brolly yet.

Another Cathedral. This glass atrium leads down to the Holy Crypt of the Blessed Apple

Looks like a Cuisinart, eh?

The wondrous Plaza

 which has the best windows. These are all paper.

 Just a simple vestibule
 Looking across to Bulgari
 which is celebrating Botticelli
 These are the doors you slink out of when Donald Trump announces.."You're fired!"

Trade is trade

Was seized with a bus rush and ended up at 35th St

A paint store

 Herald Square

 When I blew this picture up there was this recumbent boy and it reminded me of those strange Victorian pictures of dead children.

On the gate post of Herald Square

A Japanese skater off in a whirled of his own.  There was a Rangers hockey team junket with demos and promos for the season. This guy just sneaked in and no-one seemed to mind

So there.