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Friday, April 6, 2012

Post Bausch totter

(tt) After Sheldon and I blubbered our way back onto Columbus following the Pina Bausch film we went to P J Clarkes for sustenance.

Another Peter Woytuk boid opposite the Lincoln Centre

Took this from my seat in the restaurant. I love this clock.

 And this hovering trumpeter who blows atop the Church of Latterday Saints

All the Pauls of the world should protest. I hope there are no Tonyist churches.

A section of 47th St. The flag is for the Actors Temple

The shrieking finger says, "No such thing!"

The famous LaDuca shoe shop from whence Sheldon's "P" footwear came.

An installation on 8th Ave.

A bit of NY tat

The garment district
  Cross my palm with plastic

The surging crowd on 7th  Ave just before I plunged into Macy's for a summer stock up.

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