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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

Don't miss it, don't even be late!

It's dollars to donuts that our State Fair....
Is the best State Fair in our State!!
(with thanks to Oscar Hammerstein II)
with Donald Corren and Helen Anker from MY FAIR LADY
There are concerts here every night with the likes of Aretha Franklin, followed by fireworks

The fair runs for ten days and you can see by the caravans that people live on site for the duration.
It was our first American State Fair and of course there are similarities to the Aussie Royal Show in that it is mostly based around farming and animals

but my favorite was definitely the Crop Art
housed in the Fine Arts Pavillion


Is this a new gay art form??
The midway had traditional attractions such as the Haunted House
and prizes to be won
I could have sworn at first glance this prize was a picture of Jesus holding a rifle.
Strangely, the most popular prize looked like a donut. But then, food seemed to be the most popular thing hands down, especially food on sticks which is a State Fair tradition, although some peddlers chose to eschew or satirise the "stick" idea.

But most interesting were the foods unique to the fair
We were only tempted to try the chocolate covered bacon
which unexpectedly was cold but....interesting. A couple of bites was enough.
History was represented by an old "Show Train" carriage
and the shops sold fun novelty items like these kitchen aprons
The Marilyn was my fave. The aprons came with full ballerina petticoats.
The Aussies were represented
but if that wasn't butch enough....
There were products to terrify the bravest of kiddies.
And that's where are Minneapolis adventure ends. Three wonderful months in a wonderful city with wonderful people. TT feels in his bones that we'll be back someday and I certainly hope so.
Next stop...Houston!