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TT in the Blue Mountains and Sheldy in New York.

Culture Shock.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Troll Dolls

Finally got a pic of the Wood Nymphs who lure Merlin to his doom in the forest near Camelot.
I don't care what they're supposed to be, they look like Troll Dolls to me.
Rob Flebbe, Sean Ewing, Mark Donaldson, Jonathan Stahl and John Williford.


Stephanie J. Block, Daniel Breaker & More to Perform at Broadway Backwards BenefitStephanie J. Block
Stephanie J. Block, Daniel Breaker, Judy Kaye, Estelle Parsons and Tony Sheldon are among the roster of stars who will be featured at the eighth annual Broadway Backwards benefit, which will be held on March 18 at the Palace Theatre. Proceeds from the event will go to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center.

Block and co. will be joined by two-time Emmy winner Bruce Vilanch, Anita Gillette, Jose Llana, Jim Brochu, Ward Billeisen, Tituss Burgess, Robert Creighton (The Mystery of Edwin Drood) and Kyle Dean Massey (Wicked). Additional performers will be announced soon.

Created eight years ago by Robert Bartley (who returns to direct and choreograph again this year), Broadway Backwards is an annual celebration of gay and lesbian culture through musical theater performances by some of Broadway’s favorite actors.

The 2012 edition of Broadway Backwards featured performances by Andrew Rannells, Betty Buckley, Robin De Jesus and Mario Cantone. The event raised a record-breaking $329,000.
Click to play video!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Why I'm Moving To Houston

Margaret Robinson found this restaurant in an article last year about the top reasons to visit Houston.
 It is Asian-Fusion which seems an inadequate description of the transcendent tastes we sampled this evening. Margaret has never tried recreational drugs so I have assured her now she never has to.
And I couldn't have asked for finer company, my two new buddies Margaret R. and Adam Shonkwiler
Adam doesn't like seafood which sort of ruled out sushi and Margaret doesn't eat nuts but still we managed to find bliss in small tasting plates of wagyu beef (which we cooked ourselves on a hot rock), lobster, pork bellies and smoked duck. Adam was a brave lad and ate everything!
The pork bellies (below) are probably the finest thing any of us have ever eaten in the history of time and space.
We shared three desserts including a peanut butter semifreddo with apple sorbet and, the triumph, fried milk (above). Wherever you are in the world, drop everything and fly to Houston and Uchi.

Ballet Boyz

Had lunch with Steven Woodgate who has been Ballet Master with the Houston Ballet since 2004. Steven was with the Australian Ballet for almost 20 years graduating to Senior Artist in 1996, and our mums have known each other for decades but today was the first time we'd met. He was kind enough to give me the grand tour through the Houston Ballet offices, workshops and rehearsal rooms, all of which are wonderfully white and airy with floor to ceiling windows. I also got to see the stage where SHOW BOAT is playing and I suspect you could actually steer several Cotton Blossoms around the humungous backstage space. Great fun.

American Graffiti

Tony Curtis briefly toured in a revival of the Jule Styne/Bob Merrill musical SUGAR, re-named SOME LIKE IT HOT after the movie it was based on, in the role of Osgood the millionaire. To celebrate the show's opening at the new Hobby Centre in Houston in 2002 he painted this on the wall backstage. Since then, every show at Theatre Under The Stars has had their poster painted on the wall and signed by the entire cast, a lovely tradition which CAMELOT will continue when we close on Sunday.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Legend at Work

I love this picture of Miss Lamond giving a Masterclass in Queensland. Apparently 80 is the new 40.

River Oaks

I was feeling sad and missing tt on Friday so I took myself to see a movie (AMOUR, guaranteed to snap anyone out of self pity) which meant I found myself in a new area of Houston. It gave off a Rodeo Drive vibe.

A book shop! A rare beast in these parts.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Thank you to Jodie who found this online. Bernadette lives on in DOCTOR WHO!!

Nostalgic Already

I can upload pics again! I was missing something called a DLL on the computer. Which obviously stands for "dill". Here's an opening night shot with three of the CAMELOT cast; Karolina Blonski, Adam Shonkwiler and Mark Donaldson, all beautiful, talented and hilarious.

And here's (almost) the whole company. That's our director Richard Stafford seated centre and the man with the glasses is artistic director of TUTS Bruce Lumpkin. Amazing to think I got here a little over two weeks ago, it will all be finished next Sunday and I suspect I've made a couple of good friends along the way.
Certainly Margaret Robinson, our Guenevere, is very dear to me.
We've all lost our hearts to Sean Ewing. Although maybe not Michael Andrako who just looks alarmed.
Adam Shonkwiler is my new best friend. If he ever moves to California where his partner is living I will have to hide in his luggage.
Patricia Noonan (who likes to be called Noonan) looking, as always, like a movie star.
Alex Levin, Noonan,  Margaret Robinson, Sheldon, John Williford
Karolina Blonski makes me laugh every time I see her.
Except when we're serious. And I'm wearing clown shoes.

The Hunks of Camelot: (top) Sean Ewing, (from L) Alex levin, Mark Donaldson, Ian Parmenter and Preston Ames
Sean, Mark & Alex giving good pageant

First day of rehearsal. I'd never met any of these heavenly people.What a business we're in.

Friday, January 25, 2013

What is Australia Day to me?

(tt)  It's not prawns or stubbies or flags or zinc cream. It's spending two hours (couldn't hack the filth any longer) trying to clear out the hideous detritus of the back outhouse. Years of termites, plant roots and crumbing plaster have taken their toll. But a dry concrete shell is almist visible.
A few more hours and my neighbour, John and I should have it ready to become whatever the residents envisage.

A hot bath and I am a new man!!!

It's on!

(tt) I rejoice in these photos courtesy of Broadway World  I hope Sheldon will add some remarks about the opening night. In the meantime enjoy vicariously as I have had to do!!

Nothing to add. Someone actually said to me after the show "You took a good part."