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Friday, January 25, 2013

Really moving in.

(tt)   I am now really glad that I was forced to leave this little erie but two weeks into moving in. I had been determined to  get cracking and work non-stop to transform the joint as quickly as possible. But then 'Forum' came along and with the turn of a key I was gone for over three months.
And now I live here. And I mean live. I am getting to know the town and I am getting to know the neighbours and I am getting to know the house. And I think I am getting to know what it needs...slowly. So I have tentatively opened a few more boxes; started to paint one room; hurt my knee; mended my knee and begun to plan the slow transformation.
Here are a few shots of the room I call bed/work/rest.
I tatted the rug many years ago. It is in sore need of a clean but the Dyson brought out a Sahara of dust and erk.

My undies are under those sarongs!
Some craft that one day will take pride of place
I lord over all from this chair
  And get to see sights like this
My humble futon
The men. They are having a bit of a feud
This was taken to show the curtain maker what I need for the winter drapes
 This rug was created in 1979 during the show in which Sheldon and I met

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  1. TT that rug looks fabulous down the hallway ... so much better than death boxes and murderous extension cords left about by some careless painter.