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Monday, January 28, 2013

Why I'm Moving To Houston

Margaret Robinson found this restaurant in an article last year about the top reasons to visit Houston.
 It is Asian-Fusion which seems an inadequate description of the transcendent tastes we sampled this evening. Margaret has never tried recreational drugs so I have assured her now she never has to.
And I couldn't have asked for finer company, my two new buddies Margaret R. and Adam Shonkwiler
Adam doesn't like seafood which sort of ruled out sushi and Margaret doesn't eat nuts but still we managed to find bliss in small tasting plates of wagyu beef (which we cooked ourselves on a hot rock), lobster, pork bellies and smoked duck. Adam was a brave lad and ate everything!
The pork bellies (below) are probably the finest thing any of us have ever eaten in the history of time and space.
We shared three desserts including a peanut butter semifreddo with apple sorbet and, the triumph, fried milk (above). Wherever you are in the world, drop everything and fly to Houston and Uchi.

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