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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back up a ladder

(tt) Dear readers   I commend Sheldon to the highest in keeping this journal alive. I temporarily abandoned it for reasons obscure even to myself. The last major posts involved my climbing ladders to scrape paint off old walls of my apartment in Katoomba... a domicile for a while. Then fate flung me  to Melbourne for the run of "A Funny Thing...Forum".  It was great fun and now it's gone. Now I  am back up the very same ladder in the very same clobber tackling another room in the apartment.
It is a beautiful room.
It was built by Mr Garry Scale. He sort of moulded it on his feet. I was there the day he created the last segment... a computer desk and surrounding shelves. It was like he was 'crocheting' timber. And he did it in a few hours.
Then this weekend Ms Alison Wearn came up and forced me willingly to prep it in white as undercoat for the eventual 25 shades of green library that it will soon be.
I thank them both with all my heart.

Mr Scale's work as yet unadorned

That is Ms Wearn's hand ready to strangle me if I do not obey.

 Sander?  What is sander.  Me simple jungle princess. Me use sand stuck to leaf with clam juice.

Sanding very tiring
 But must go on
Ah, sander not scary and beats rubbing til back sore. Welcome western ingenuity.
 Painting very slow and smelly
And vertiginous
And long
And lonely
And maddening
But eventually done
Though zombifying
Yet worthy of pride
And all that goes with it
 Of course I did not do this by myself. The photo-journalist, Ms Wearn,  was the major painting guru. I was just labour!!!

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