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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nostalgic Already

I can upload pics again! I was missing something called a DLL on the computer. Which obviously stands for "dill". Here's an opening night shot with three of the CAMELOT cast; Karolina Blonski, Adam Shonkwiler and Mark Donaldson, all beautiful, talented and hilarious.

And here's (almost) the whole company. That's our director Richard Stafford seated centre and the man with the glasses is artistic director of TUTS Bruce Lumpkin. Amazing to think I got here a little over two weeks ago, it will all be finished next Sunday and I suspect I've made a couple of good friends along the way.
Certainly Margaret Robinson, our Guenevere, is very dear to me.
We've all lost our hearts to Sean Ewing. Although maybe not Michael Andrako who just looks alarmed.
Adam Shonkwiler is my new best friend. If he ever moves to California where his partner is living I will have to hide in his luggage.
Patricia Noonan (who likes to be called Noonan) looking, as always, like a movie star.
Alex Levin, Noonan,  Margaret Robinson, Sheldon, John Williford
Karolina Blonski makes me laugh every time I see her.
Except when we're serious. And I'm wearing clown shoes.

The Hunks of Camelot: (top) Sean Ewing, (from L) Alex levin, Mark Donaldson, Ian Parmenter and Preston Ames
Sean, Mark & Alex giving good pageant

First day of rehearsal. I'd never met any of these heavenly people.What a business we're in.

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  1. Next Sunday would have been your 2,000th performance in Priscilla!