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Monday, January 21, 2013

getting closer

At last night's first dress rehearsal I added my clanking shin guards to this fetching ensemble. Poor Tank was so freaked he actually wriggled free of his leash and fled the stage leaving me to do my scene with an invisible dog.
Patricia Noonan understudied Jill Paice in Maury Yeston's DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY
TUTS intern Katelyn Johnston with Sean Ewing and David Grant
Blaire Baker in her "Xena" wig, with Julia Krohn and Rob Flebbe
Michael Andrako gives his best Sir Dinadin snarl

Natalie Newman has just finished playing Rosemary in HOW TO SUCCEED in North Carolina
Leisa Mather as Lady Anne
Ian Parmenter practices "handsome"
Rob Flebbe is all but stealing the show as the Jester
Pelly cuts his own hair with a sheet of rusty tin
Karolina Blonski has a wig for all seasons
Blaire Baker truly has a Xena costume to match the wig for the battle scenes
Ian Parmenter practices "baggy"
Houston theatrical royalty, Julia and Charles Krohn
Preston Ellis butching me to death
Pelly likes a drink
We're in print! Just like Edna Ferber

"Fie on Goodness!"
Adam Shonkwiler as Mordred
King Arthur in a divine light
Sean Ewing and Laura Elizabeth Henning with Guenevere's bed.

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