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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A walk to Zabars

(tt)   Sheldon's day off! Yay.  We walked in the chilly grey and drizzle for breakfast.

Here is a catchingly subtle way of getting to your man once you have dropped your skirt on the dance floor, all you sluts.
Victoria has less and less secrets.

This was a team of volunteers about to do something. They were all crispy clean and nothing was in their bins ...yet

For all you musicals afficienadi .   There is a line in a song called "West End Ave" which comes from "The Magic Show"   
' Delis and laundromats and gay bars....Only a block away from Zabars..'  (Oh and by the way, nobody anywhere has sung this song better than Dean Lotherington)

Well, here is the famous Jewish emporium, originally a coffee importer

Here is Sheldon in the deli cafe of Zabars
And here is what he ate

Now inside the deli itself.

This Place Has Got Everything.

Strange but True

Someone sent us these M&M's on Valentine's Day. That's my face appearing like something on the Shroud of Turin. Terrifying.

Farewell Keala

No-one was more surprised to make it through our first year on Broadway than Keala Settle herself. For someone who says she hates performing and hates New York she proved to be made of sterner stuff than she thought.
She avoided any embarrassing displays of tears by filming us as she entered her "Happy Trails" farewell at interval. Keala is a tremendous loss to our company both on and offstage but she's off to play a leading role in a brilliant new musical called HANDS ON A HARDBODY in California and if there is any justice the production will bring her back to Broadway and win her an armful of awards. TT and I saw the workshop last year and both Keala and the show are sensational.
Keala will be a friend for life. We love her very much.

And here she is twixt Stacey and Bryan after the show and about to begin a night of riotous goodbying.

Also on hand, J. Elaine, Sheldy, Jacqui and Joshua (a trifle overlit.)

Monday, February 27, 2012


These are Columbia University buildings at the 112 to 116 St area of Broadway
Here's another of the Peter Woytuk boids

Columbia campus. You will have seen these buidings in many movies and tv shows. Name one? I give up

This was some protest installation in embryo.

This severe thirties building is stunerama
And this is squizzit too

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

riverside drive

(tt) It has been bitter bitter bitter. Yesterday I took ten steps outside to do a Riverside drive walk uptown. The wind was an icy knife and I gave up. But today the chill was so much less and here is the walk I took.
This is the end of 93rd. Ahead is Riverside Drive.

I think the two arses are St  Joan and her horse

 Stunning frieze with an American Indian motif
Now we are Venice
The walking path above Riverside Park. It was just a bit too cold to go down, There was a steely breeze off the river

Now that deco window at the base of the picture is where we are going to live one day

Steps down to the park

This is a folly there because it is

Back to Broadway and shopping and home
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