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TT in the Blue Mountains and Sheldy in New York.

Culture Shock.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tony Danza is welcome to visit the pink bus any time he likes.....

An Oz bred Turkey

(tt)I went to the flics last night.

The latest from  the usually brilliant "Pan's Labrynth" director, Guillermo del Toro

with Guy Pearce here getting stabbed by some little people

and Katie Holmes wandering dazed among some pretty cool art direction

The opening sequence of this ludicrous horror nonsense saw Garry McDonald 

as a toothless crone chiselling the teeth out of a hapless maid to the soundtrack of guffaws and groans from the audience. He was quickly dispatched himself via a gruesome grate sucking episode 

and then the credits rolled.  When I read Jack Thompson

and Julia Blake were  in the cast I began to think that more Aussies were decamping for Los Angeles. Then finally after I recognised a particular location in vivid detail...The State Library reading room in Melbourne... I caught on.   The film  had been made in Oz.  I even spotted Michael Norman (ex "Producers" company manager and oft time underpants model) in a glam dinner scene. So I knew I had to do something  I rarely  the credits roll to the end. That's when I saw that name after Creature Voices.....GRANT PIRO!!!!!!!   So here I am sending my love to him  for all  the demonic gutteral wheezing, whispering, snarling and various disgusting inhuman utterances  he dredged up in a sound booth one day last year!!!

Mr Piro between takes

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to the factory

Back to work after the hurricane. The Aussie production team are in town to check us out.
and ever so sadly we bid farewell to our wonderful company managers, Tammie and Thom, who are leaving us for greener (and calmer) pastures. They will be greatly missed.
Received my Tony Nominee Class Photo today. All that craziness seems a world away.

Monday, August 29, 2011

sun in both villages

We went for lunch with Mr Charles Busch in the West Village. Tartine. Excellent.
 Walked back home
Here is a little window full of odd things. I think the owner is a marionette maker

 This guy back in Union Square was Aunt Jemima on top and Snoop Dog down bottom and purple all the way

And this family was totally in line when I first saw them.  Mom had wandered ahead when I took the shot.You can imagine what I really wanted.

a walk in irene's wake

Yesterday morning was humid, breezy and grey. Loadsof people were on the streets but only small local businesses were operating like pizzarias and delis where the family lived in or locally. So we went for a wander as far as 7th Ave. I clacked as usual at stuff
Here is a shop which makes paper bags for shops and events

Final say on La Bitch

Our little street looking towards 3rd Ave

Sunday, August 28, 2011

mostly over

Well it appears to be fine now in our neck of the woods. Some of the roads are woods but  from our window all we can see are a few leaves. The wind is fairly brisk We might venture out in a couple of hours   Many thanks for your concerns   Love from Us

still nothing yet

It is 8.15 a.m. Sunday and the flat is very warm and humid. Blobs of rain have been falling very regularly all night and the loudest sound is of it hitting the airconditioner in the window. But it all feels a bit it is dying to let loose. The news is constant on the TV and the net and reports of the size of the Lady vary by the minute. I still wouldn't consider going outside and I haven't seen anyone on the street.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

wet wandering

I made Sheldon go out for a walk before we are watered in
This is the local picture joint. It would normally have been packed by this time. Now it and all the other bughouses are shuttered. Even the signage letters are gone so as not to become missiles

This was one bar that wasn't open. The rest were jammed.

On E Houston

This is the famous lox emporium

Looking north from Houston along 1st Ave

This is a fairy land Indian restaurant

And here is the magnificent no sugar no flour chocolate cake that Sheldon made this arvo
We will scoff this as Irene winds herself up into a full blast.

New York on Saturday Night

The calm before the storm...
What will tomorrow bring? Munch on a carrot, talk to your parrot or have your cards read...