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Friday, August 26, 2011

the high line stage two

We went to the West Village to walk the extended High Line track which now follows 10th Ave as far as 30th along the old elevated railway track.
 On W14th  outside a trendy boutique in the once grungy Meatpacking District a truck was bearing a series of sculptures based on a famous photograph taken at 30 Rock in the thirties of structural builders having lunch.

Here is the original pic taken by Lewis Hine
Love seeing the original rails as part of the sculpture of the garden

This section of the line looks like it is trying to press through into the building

Temporary art works spring up every month or so

Very odd neighbours

This is Sheldon's building and he will buy it one day

These are bird nesting and feeding boxes!!

The High Line has caused a major building boom along 10th Ave and it soon will be nouveau posh.

You would have to be very brave to picnic here. Your terrace for all to see

 Sheldon heard a man say, " I know a man who lives in one of these. He said it was like living inside a fridge"

This was out to dry

Nearly at the end of this stage

And this was a US postal truck in its loading bay

A doorway near our apt.

Now we await Irene but without Debbie Reynolds. All Broadway shows are cancelled this weekend so we shall hunker down in our flat reading by candlelight like the Bronte Sisters

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