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Friday, August 26, 2011

Famous Rellies

I met another well-known member of the family tree tonight. My aunt Helen's daughter Traci (my cousin) is married to Lucas Donat whose parents are actors Peter Donat and Michael Learned, better known as John-Boy's Mum on "The Waltons"! So I guess that makes me my cousin's mother-in-law'


  1. Michael is your cousin's mother-in-law's fan? I have spent half an hour trying to work this out and have come to the conclusion that you meant to say that YOU are your cousin's mother-in-law's fan. Either you have a bad case of the pre-hurricane nerves (which can happen to anyone, it's perfectly normal) or this is a cunning "spot the deliberate mistake" ploy to find out who is reading your blog with sufficient care. Me, I am!

  2. Yes you're right I am suffering from HAD (Hurricane Attention Deficiency)