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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Oz bred Turkey

(tt)I went to the flics last night.

The latest from  the usually brilliant "Pan's Labrynth" director, Guillermo del Toro

with Guy Pearce here getting stabbed by some little people

and Katie Holmes wandering dazed among some pretty cool art direction

The opening sequence of this ludicrous horror nonsense saw Garry McDonald 

as a toothless crone chiselling the teeth out of a hapless maid to the soundtrack of guffaws and groans from the audience. He was quickly dispatched himself via a gruesome grate sucking episode 

and then the credits rolled.  When I read Jack Thompson

and Julia Blake were  in the cast I began to think that more Aussies were decamping for Los Angeles. Then finally after I recognised a particular location in vivid detail...The State Library reading room in Melbourne... I caught on.   The film  had been made in Oz.  I even spotted Michael Norman (ex "Producers" company manager and oft time underpants model) in a glam dinner scene. So I knew I had to do something  I rarely  the credits roll to the end. That's when I saw that name after Creature Voices.....GRANT PIRO!!!!!!!   So here I am sending my love to him  for all  the demonic gutteral wheezing, whispering, snarling and various disgusting inhuman utterances  he dredged up in a sound booth one day last year!!!

Mr Piro between takes

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