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Saturday, August 13, 2011

hot union square

(tt) The  world was out in Union Square to escape the heat and celebrate summer. These were taken on my way to the cinema.

And I accidentally on purpose zoomed in on this ugly horror

And the film?

This was in 3D  and the credit sequence gave us a clue as to how the cast would meet their stupidly grisly ends. What a roller coaster of ridiculous shlock and indicative of all that is wrong with mainstream American film.
 The propped open eye gets burned out with a laser gone wild and after she has flailed her way out the window the other flies out  only to be squashed on the road.  Oh please!!   Still you have to know the enemy.
A couple had brought their two year old child into the theatre. She cooed all the way through as lips were ripped off, torsos sliced in half, skin burned away and  bloody heads flung into our faces.

Here are a some taken on the walk home as I hummed the theme tune to the movie.

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