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Monday, August 22, 2011

the plaza and f.a.o.shwartz

We were up near the Plaza Hotel following one of Sheldon's publicity appearances nearby.
Sheldon was brought up short outside a novelty shop. This is a bobble head gadget of the late Miss Grace Kelly. Given that that good lady met her end in a motor accident makes this dashboard novelty even more tasteless.

 This striking building on 58th allows for some pretty good reflections

This is the Plaza in reflection

 And here is some decorative fancywork from the front of the famous watering hole

Part of the fountain on 5th Ave

Some weirdness in the house of weird  -  F.A.O. S.

Mattel creatures to send the littlies a bit insane

My boyfriend, Rupert Grint, obviously overwhelmed at seeing me

And a very touching moment after two dolly nurses thrust this little newborn into my arms
 I am in a white room now but quite peaceful

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