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Saturday, August 13, 2011

mr busch's new opus

(tt) This warm and often hilarious domestic comedy by the prolific Charles Busch is based on a rather unloved actress, now deceased, with whom he once worked. No names will be mentioned but smart arses will probably be able to work out who she was.
 Olive's flat is haunted by the spirit of a man with whom all the characters have a history. As complications pile on  top of each other  boffo one liners  abound and the seemingly ludicrous plot line is underpinned by a wonderfully innocent logic. Every one in it is brilliant.
Here is the beautiful Julie Halston who has a  monologue of  escalating lunacy and Marcia Jean Kurtz who makes Olive a very loveable bitch.

The whole cast:  David Garrison, Dan Butler, Miss Kurtz, Richard Masur and Miss Halston.
This play is terrific!

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