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Friday, March 30, 2012

Macy's Flower Show: Brazil !!!!

The windows of course are a camp triumph as always

But the main display this year is in a tent in Herald Square

City Centre at dusk

(tt)   Here are a couple of shots of the venue for "Pipe Dream".

South Street Seaport Museum

Inside was once outside. These buildings were working warehouses, boarding houses and maritime offices

This ceiling display is lead sinkers

To quote the Blues Brothers, this place has got EVERYTHING!

ships in bottles

Washed up jettisonia.


tiny stairways to nowhere

I want this dresser for my...things....

The collection of tools had us thinking about what hand they had in the creation of this town

a wonderful photo from the Occupy Wall Street exhibition

This section of the space from 1870 to 1920 had been the Rogers Hotel and Dining Rooms for sailors and new arrivals. and they have left its skeleton.

 An artist has placed this mannequin in a corridor. She is a futuristic ghost looking back at a sleeping old salt. If he wakes up he will turn white

Looking west from the old Fulton fish markets which are now Gap stores and souvenirs shops. You can see the tip of the Woolworth building in the background

And now the Freedom Tower is starting to impose itself on the city. Here it is at the end of Fulton. Susan van Cott told us that the WTC was always useful when you got out of an unfamiliar subway cos it  told you where south was.  Now this will do the same.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Master

The current exhibition at Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library is devoted to Noel Coward. And aren't we all?
My favourite exhibits were Beatrice Lillie's script of HIGH SPIRITS (the 1964 Broadway musical version of BLITHE SPIRIT in which she starred with Tammy Grimes & Edward Woodward) with detailed hand written notations of all the physical gags she added, much to Coward's displeasure. And this poster from SAIL AWAY's out-of-town tryout.
Jean Fenn and two other cast members were written out of the show before it came into New York.
Coward's painting below is of choreographer Joe Layton working with the dancers. Surprisingly, Coward rarely referenced the theatre in his paintings.

A Long Long Trailer

Passed this trailer down at South Street Seaport. I had no idea their show was still in production.