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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Master

The current exhibition at Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library is devoted to Noel Coward. And aren't we all?
My favourite exhibits were Beatrice Lillie's script of HIGH SPIRITS (the 1964 Broadway musical version of BLITHE SPIRIT in which she starred with Tammy Grimes & Edward Woodward) with detailed hand written notations of all the physical gags she added, much to Coward's displeasure. And this poster from SAIL AWAY's out-of-town tryout.
Jean Fenn and two other cast members were written out of the show before it came into New York.
Coward's painting below is of choreographer Joe Layton working with the dancers. Surprisingly, Coward rarely referenced the theatre in his paintings.


  1. Mad about the blog ! Bliss. All these things I must see one day......

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