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Monday, March 26, 2012

Anywhere I Wander

(tt)  Winter has returned with a capital V!!  But the cockles are warm. Sheldon sent me to the Avery Fisher Hall at the Lincoln Centre to see a tribute concert of the music of..........

 The music was provided by the New York Philharmonic conducted by Ted Sperling.
The cast included the superlatively fabulous Ann Hampton Calloway, Mary Testa, Victoria Clark, Jason Daniele, Bryn Terfel, and Mark Kudisch.  The highlights were Terfel and Clark conquering "My Heart is So Full of You" and Miss Clark doing the most ravishing arrangement of "Anywhere I Wander" from "Hans Christian Anderson"  It was so touching to see Robert Morse turn 12 again in his recreation of Finch singing "I Believe in You" and equally moving to hear Jo Sullivan Loesser, Frank's widow, render "Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year"
A great great night of exquisite music in the hands of masters.

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