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Monday, March 26, 2012

That Beautiful Laugh

(tt)   Yesterday we had lunch with Denis Follington at La Pigalle. He is in town having swapped his Melbourne apartment with a couple who live across the river in New Jersey. He was looking pretty spivvy. we chewed the fat and will meet up again for some adventures further afield.

Then I went to La Mama to see the closing performance of an acclaimed 'clown' piece created and directed by Orlando Pabotoy with material provided by his son..who I'm guessing to be very young and full of dreams. There were some wonderful moments...a shadow show that explored the ugly city and places beneath and a touching ending in which collected laughter was flung into the darkness to become stars.
Here is the poster.
 And here are the performers

Carlton Ward, Julia Ogilvie and Alan Tudyk. They were supported by the  wonderfully voiced, Harrison Beck (accordion) and a lovely clown in his own right, Eugene Ma (piano)

I was thrown back to the clown shows I have performed in, particular to "Clowneroonies", created by the brilliant Geoffrey Rush in 1981. Now that show could easily see a revival.

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