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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ms lyons and ms gentle and mr me

(tt) At last have managed to catch up with Ms Susan Lyons and fantastic hubby Jefferson Mays. We weni to the opening of an exhibition of paintings by their friend, Walter Field, whose work is dark, smoky and mysterious. He embraces death with relish and explores the demises of Jackson Pollock and Mary Pinchot Meyer, a lover of John F Kennedy.

Ms Lyons and I chewed the fat in a little courtyard behind the gallery and I looked up and liked the view

This afternoon Ms Lyons and I met up with  expat Ros Gentle who is dipping her toe in the NY waters after 15 years acting and teaching in LA. We had wonderful middle eastern tucker at
 and vowed we'd do it again.

 la Lyons et la Gentle

I have removed the grey raffia that was masquerading as a beard. It was hot and itchy and made me look like an old character actor. I know I am one but  I kept thinking I saw Walter Brennan in shop windows

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