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Thursday, January 10, 2013

more houston buildings

My first sight of downtown Houston was during a massive rainstorm so you couldn't see the tops of the office buildings

Only the artwork on the ground. I guess this represents corporate business and high finance.

This is the charming Public Library, still bedecked for Christmas

This must be what Downtown Brigadoon looks like

This is the Houston Armillary Sphere, or a sundial to the rest of us.
It is situated opposite this historic house in the middle of a pretty park smack dab in the middle of all those scary office buildings.
It's like a tiny version of Downton Abbey
And this is the Hobby Centre where we will be doing the show
Don't drop a chocolate or you'll miss us
Now this is in the Melrose area of Houston where the art galleries and museums are clustered
As is this
These houses are in the historic area of Stanford and Hawthorne streets

And now we're back downtown after the clouds have lifted and the rain has moved on. This is how the tops of the buildings look!

This building directly opposite the theatre sometimes changes to yellow and green

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