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Sunday, January 20, 2013

hitting the thartar

First day in the theatre!
Guenevere and Arthur survey their kingdom

The reason everyone is looking awestruck at the ceiling is because we are playing at Theatre Under The Stars
and there they are!! Every five minutes a shooting star flies across the ceiling. We were told that if the audience ever notices them then we're not doing our jobs properly.
Julia Krohn has been performing here since she was a child. Her mum Chesley was a ballerina and her dad Charles is playing Merlin. Leisa Mather is an Aussie who moved over here about 20 years ago and has NEVER stopped working. She is my role model.
The theatre is ginormous.
Blaire Baker is a local who was recently in the TUTS production of "Best Little Whorehouse". Our associate choreographer Jonathan Stahl already has work lined up until November.

These are my Pellinore costumes. He favours Autumn colours.
This is the Round Table. All the food keeps sliding off.

The romantic triangle
The Royal Couple
lancelot is knighted
Pelly and Arthur stroll in the garden
Camelot as seen from an outlying suburb
Queenie's chair
A drape
Waiting to rehearse the Tournament

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