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Monday, January 7, 2013

Mexicali Knights

We had a cast birthday in the first days of rehearsals and it was only fitting that it was our own dear King Arthur, known in civilian life as Robert Petkoff (below). An avid photographer, he was taking pics of us at the stroke of midnight as we sang Happy Birthday to him in a Mexican restaurant. Above are cast members Cole Ryden who plays Lancelot's squire Dap and is also our Assistant Stage Manager, and John Williford who was flown in from California as a late replacement. Chivalry is not dead! 

(Below) The chappie on the left with the shot glass glued to his face is Alex Levin and local lassie Blaire Baker is filling us in on the local goss, including the news that Tommy Tune who was playing Captain Andy in Houston Grand Opera's SHOW BOAT which opens next week has withdrawn from the show!!

This highly attractive grouping is Michael Andrako (Sir Dinidan), our associate director/choreographer Jonathan Stahl, and the delightful Sean Ewing and Ian Parmenter.

From left, the evil Mordred personified by the far from evil Adam Shonkwiler, the multi-lingual Karolina Blonsky and the animated Mark Donaldson
This is Shannon Lea Smith who is almost an honorary Aussie because she was on the U.S. MAMMA MIA national tour with Kaye Tuckerman, Ben McHugh and Troy Woodcroft.

Parmenter smoulders as Shonkwiler regales

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