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Monday, April 16, 2012

Call of the Wilder

(tt)  Ever since Sheldon introduced me to the work of the late Alec Wilder (I still haven't read his "American Popular Song" classic history)  via the excellent compilation show, "Clues to a Life", starring Christine Andreas at the Vineyard Theatre in the 80's,  I have loved his work. Yesterday I went to  the  27th Annual Concert of some of his compositions at Christ and St Stephen's on W69th
The special guest was the 91 year old Joe Wilder (no relation but a dear friend and colleague)

for whom Alec wrote a number of jazz and classic scores.  Joe regaled us with his life in music which included a 3 year stint in the pit of the original Broadway "Guys and Dolls" of the first African American players to break the colour barrier.

Song selections by the vocal group The Salvatones yielded a beautiful Mercer/Wider song "If Someday Ever Comes Again" and "Ellen".   Stunning harmonies and tingling skin.
There were two sections of classical compositions played by John Roberts on piano and a Sonata for bassoon and piano with Carl Rath and Jeongwon Ham.
And finally his popular songs were rendered by the splendid husband and wife team, Eric Comstock and Barbara Fasano with magic guitarist, Gene Bertoncini
"Where is the One" " I See it Now"  and  my all time favourite, "Blackberry Winter" were included in this set and we all sang along with his signature hit, "I'll Be Around"
If you want to hear some of Alec Wilder's stuff go to this site.

p.s. I had a lovely shot of the venue but alas my camera died in a zoom accident!  Don't worry teech it is on
its way to Texas to the hospital and I will have it back when I return from....Kentucky!!!!

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