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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4,000 Miles

When Amy Herzog's play "4,000 Miles" opened last year for a limited season at LCT3 the entire season sold out on the day of a rapturous review in the New York Times. Fortunately the production has transferred to Lincoln Centre until June with the original cast of four intact. I had planned to take tt as my date but he's in Kentucky so I left it in the hands of the angels and, sure enough, as I arrived at the doors of the Mitzi E. Newhouse there was an older gentleman standing forlornly with a sign reading "One ticket required". 'Twas his lucky night.
One of my all time faves, Mary Louise Wilson, plays 91 year old Vera whose 21 year old grandson Leo (Gabriel Ebert) appears at her West Village apartment at 3am one night looking dirty and shaken after an accident cycling cross country 4,000 miles from Minnesota. Vera is concerned as she hasn't seen him in a long while and knows that Leo is estranged from his mother but when she discovers that he has been turned away by his college student girlfriend Bec (Zoe Winters) she offers him a room and bath for a few days.
It is the relationship between the progressive Communist Vera, now afflicted with deafness and frustrated by memory loss, and the young hippie Leo, lost and traumatised, that forms the centre of this touching and funny 90 minute evening.
The two leads are wonderful and there is a particularly funny scene when Leo picks up a drunken Chinese student named Amanda, hilariously played by  Greta Lee.

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