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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rosie and Art

West End diva Rosie Ashe (the original Carlotta in PHANTOM) is in NYC for a couple of months so I thought I'd show her the high life. Well, at least the High Line...
I'd never noticed the water feature on the footpath...
It caught Rosie's attention, too
It was such a sunny day that Ms. Ashe was getting burnt so we veered off to W26th St. I wanted to check out a couple of exhibitions that are coming to an end this weekend.
We passed this igloo of books
and I loved this recessed doorway
We arrived at the Lehmann Maupin gallery and the exhibition HOME WITHIN HOME by Do Ho Suh which depicts his journey to the USA from Korea which he describes "as if he was dropped from the sky".
The detail is gobsmacking
and then, on the other side of the house, the culture clash. Or rather, crash.
Suh also presents a series of fabric objects, replicas of things in his New York home.
Then we moved on to W 22nd St and the Sonnabend Gallery which is playing an extraordinary computer animated cabaret by Matthew Weinstein called THE CHILDHOOD OF BERTOLT BRECHT, a non-narrative tale of disillusionment and greed enacted by a baby monk, three swindling pigs, a singing koi and an old man who lives inside a roast chicken.
The characters are voiced by Tony winners Blair Brown, Denis O'Hare and John Benjamin Hickey.
Paintings of the film's sets were in the gallery
and a cast aluminum painted pig
Enough, Rosie cried, lest I faint from hunger!
We found a charming boite on 10th Ave and 23rd
The garden was fantastic and we dined there in the open air but my camera's battery was dying so I can only show you the front room. All in all, a splendid day. Thanks, Rosie!

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