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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life is a garage sale

(tt)   Went over to Balmain, once a working class suburb that served as home for dock workers and boat builders in the late 1800's and into last century, We lived there for twenty years and saw its bourgeois transformation. Then they built a fast lane into the city bypassing old swing bridges that stopped the traffic for little fishing boats to get by. The Mosman crowd sniffed attractive and priceless water views and the rest.... Little cottages now go for a million easy and that's nowhere near the water. Here is the storage locker which contains our material possessions. I took the horrible blue case over and jammed it in amongst the rest of the stuff that will probably turn out to be mostly unwanted when we finally  return.
 Here are two famous watering holes just up from the storage place.

We lived just round the corner as the road bends right overlooking a little park once the site of a mansion which burned down. All that remains is a ring of stones from the foundations

I was going to walk up and see the latest crocodile skin handbag shop along the main Balmain drag but my heart wasn't in it. I caught the next bus out.

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