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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Dear Soul

(tt)   Had brekky with Mr Jon Ewing (actor and director and star of many a show here in Oz including "La Cage aux Folles" with Keith Michel and Mordred in the original JCW production of "Camelot". Most importantly he was in the cast of "The Venetian Twins", the show on which Sheldon and I met!!)   Jon is retired now but always insists on meeting up at his local boite to catch up on the latest episodes in our lives. Here is his lordship on his way to meet me at what was Ashe and now is Bay88. I deliberately walked past him, stopped and turned and did my Claudette Colbert hitchhiking leg to his astonishment.

And here he is with yours truly after we had solved the problems of the world

And here he is on his snail trail to the Edgecliff centre. All entreaties to consider  a hotted up scooter were greeted with the usual hoots of derision!!

More of the Cross and Darlo tomorrow

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