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Thursday, October 6, 2011

the bra boys

(tt)  More mates to catch up with
Here are the Rouses. Maggie Dence, soon to honoured by Australian Equity, and her gorgeous fella Graham Rouse, splendid actor and director.  They took me to Maroubra ( hence the bra bit) for chish and fips and a gab fest for hours.
Here is the Pavilion where we ate which doubles as the changing rooms and the lifesaving club. The hut on the pole is where they keep watch for drowning children and contraband.

The beaches of Sydney are quite clean except for when the outfall gets overloaded. Then you could be bobbing next to somebody's old roast lamb.

The ladies loos were closed for reno so some women got into a posse and invaded the gents, standing guard over each other as they tinkled. Miss Dence was not so brave at first
 But desperation mounted
 And finally modesty gave way to relief

Here is the new statue on top of a Surry Hills pub that I snapped from the car on the way home

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