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Sunday, October 2, 2011

more glebe

(tt)   Well I have me modem and with luck the pictures will come up quickly and effortlessly.
These were taken on my first day back. Glebe Point Rd and environs
This little village is about a mile from the centre of the city!

It's a wonderful street and was once a very very in restaurant spot. Two years of road works and ridiculous parking meters have caused many eating houses to shutter but it seems to be coming back. And because the City Council has amended  the Liqour Act many small intimate bars are opening.

You would think this was in the heart of the country

The NEWSAGENT!   Sheldon would not move anywhere without easy access to same. If we went to the Gobi Desert he would open one and refuse to sell anything to anyone til he had read it himself

The word 'glebe" means church land. And this is the church, St Johns, on which most of the suburb is built.

This beautiful building was from 1880 the Post Office. This year it was decommissioned. Bastards!

This is a typical Sydney terrace. The green and cream awnings denote they are Housing Commisson dwellings for low income residents.

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