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Culture Shock.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Started the weekend with an after show supper on Sunday night at the home of two Goodspeed benefactors. A delightful catered supper and a surprise as we dined. The radio suddenly started blaring Klea Blackhurst singing "Sam and Delilah" !
Our hosts had a full wall-sized quilt made from t-shirts from past Goodspeed productions. Gorgeous!
They collect teapots

And coffee mugs! 
Next morning, Jeremy Morse and I headed off for Cape Cod to see a new production of DOLLY and to soak up the sun on the beach.
 The first beach we found was sparsely populated 
No surf, the water was warm and still
Jeremy claimed our spot
And the baking began!
We had booked two rooms in a bed and breakfast near the theatre and we arrived a couple of hours early to find the place open but no-one in sight. We walked around calling out "Hello...?"
But not a creature was stirring
Everything was quiet, like the Marie Celeste
So we took the liberty of finding our rooms and dropping off our bags. We went out for dinner and returned two hours later to find the whole place STILL empty!

This time I checked every room in the house, convinced I would find butchered bodies in at least one of them. But no, dear reader. So we boldly took ownership of our rooms, showered and ironed and dressed and took ourselves to the theatre. A few minutes later my phone rang and it was the B&B owner, completely unperturbed. He hadn't been expecting us til later so he'd gone off to do some errands. I finally met him after we'd seen the show at 11pm and he wasn't remotely worried that we'd made ourselves at home. "Isn't that what a bed and breakfast is for?", he said.
After a lovely breakfast we decided to find another beach with surf. On the way we spotted this gorgeous windmill.
A one room house. This'll do! When we found "the best beach in Cape Cod" we were required to leave the car in a parking lot some distance away and queue for a shuttle bus.
 It was like the Universal Studios tour

This beach was seriously packed 
and full of character 
But there were gentle waves 
Enough for Sheldy to surf! 
Three hours and some burnt bits later we headed back to Main Street, otherwise known as route 6A 
This is one of the oldest and most beautiful roads on the east coast, passing through several towns and lined with the most beautiful old homes and gardens. 
truly gorgeous and meditative and we didn't want it to end. But we were starving and craving Cape Cod seafood so we stopped at a cafe for lobster rolls, soft white toasted bread rolls piled high with lobster (day off, diet out window). At $21 each they were value for money. 
I fell in love with the decor. The lights below were held by steel silhouettes of men
A young female chef wandered out of the kitchen and whined "Do you like the decorations?"
"Yes!", I enthused, snapping away feverishly like Richard Avedon 
She looked at me doubtfully. "I suppose it's like...foreign...advertising", she ventured. 
"More 60s retro Italian", I suggested. She shrugged and slouched back to the kitchen. 
We left, sated and broke, and passed a gardening shop featuring meditating frogs 
And we reluctantly headed home. A final treat... 
A minature Sydney Harbour Bridge! Farewell  Cape Cod! 

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