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Thursday, December 12, 2013

World of Dreams

A visit to the Gold Coast is not complete without a day at one of the many theme parks. We'd already done Warner Bros. Movie World and we were feeling too old and infirm to take on Wet'n'Wild so....
Bring on the giant thongs!!!
The thrill of "Madagascar-Live!"
And posing for a new headshot!
There was only one ride we wanted to go on because it was languid and scenic and didn't shake us about and turn us upside down
However, we were warned that the Log Ride would make us VERY WET!!!
A gentle start....
then an ominous tunnel...
Will we live to regret this??
And splashdown ahead!! Wot larks, Pip!
Then it was on to Tiger Island

These two are brothers who were being kept at a distance from each other by a couple of vigilant handlers in case they started fighting.

This lady lion was on the other side of a wall
And this lion tried to eat Sheldy for lunch
But he has faced greater perils without flinching.

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