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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Harvey's Birthday

Jim Brochu and Steve Schalchlin threw a belated surprise party for beloved Broadway gypsy Harvey Evans and the guest list was tres chic.
The vittles we et were good, you bet. The company was the same!

Dancer/choreographer Grover Dale (chatting with Robert Bartley) has returned to NYC after many years in L.A.

If you've ever seen the movie of THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN then you've seen Grover and Gus Trikonis dancing with Debbie Reynolds in the showstopper "He's My Friend". Grover also featured in the original Broadway productions of WEST SIDE STORY and SAIL AWAY.
Charles Busch was on his night off from previews of his new play THE TRIBUTE ARTIST and held court with Lee Roy Reams and our host Mr. Brochu.
Also on hand, wonderful pianist and singer Billy Stritch, Broadway and tv star Michele Lee with her husband Dr. Stanley Frileck and Hollywood dance legend Marge Champion. Jim screened a Marge and Gower Champion dance number from "Lovely To Look At" and Marge explained how numbers were put together during Hollywood's Golden Age.
And here's the class photo: (front) Steve Schalchlin, Steve Ross, Marge Champion, Michele Lee, Billy Stritch
(back) Old Fogey, Charles Busch, Robert Bartley, John McDaniel, Danny Whitman, Grover Dale, Harvey Evans and Stan Frileck.  Thanks, Steve and Jim!!

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  1. Pleased to know about your birthday party. Starters offered before luncheon at our club party were great and cannot forget their amazing taste. My best friend managed all the preparations done at one of the affordable event space NYC single handed. Dishes were yummy. Wall hangings and paintings of the interior matched the paint colors. Highly recommended place for all party organizers.