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Friday, December 19, 2014

An Aussie Visitor

Had a lovely lunch with Natalie Mosco (left) and Dolores Dunbar at Joe Allen restaurant this week. Dolores was in town with a large group of her performing arts students from Macdonald College in Sydney. The kids had already had a workshop learning the opening number choreography from ON THE TOWN with cast member Julius Carter, one of them was sitting in with the musicians for the matinee of IF/THEN with musical director Carmel Dean and they had all seen a performance of ALADDIN the previous night. What a treat!


  1. So good to see Natalie Mosco again!

  2. We took Dolores to Joe Allen and we were so busy chatting that she didn't register where she was. Of course she played Bonnie in the ill-fated Sydney production of APPLAUSE with Eve Arden in 1974 in which all her scenes took place at Joe Allen, but she'd never actually been inside the real thing!

  3. I am in Anglesea with John O for NYE and we both wonder in which attic has Natalie hidden the portrait?