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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Home Down Under

And I'm not at all unhappy about leaving the FREEEEEZING New York winter and spending some time in the Blue Mountains, a two hour train ride from Sydney.

The weather is gorgeous so instead of staying indoors and learning lines like a sensible person, I caught the train to nearby Blackheath and visited the antique shops. After congratulating myself for finding a rare dvd for only $5 I returned to the train station only to find that the next train home was an hour and 35 minutes away. So I caught a cab which cost me $32. This bargain hunting is sending me broke.
I am supposed to be learning my lines for this massive undertaking, the title role in one of my favourite shows.
I did the photo shoot for the poster a couple of hours after my plane got in from New York. That's not make-up, it's exhaustion!
It's a short season opening Feb 25th at the Seymour Centre until the end of March.
To learn the unlearnable lines....

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  1. I am hoping I can make it to Sydney to see this!!