The Adventure Continues

TT in the Blue Mountains and Sheldy in New York.

Culture Shock.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Show Shots

with Ross Chisari as Sancho

Brendan Hay as Fermina & Reece Budin as Juan
Courtney Glass as Antonia
Laurence Coy as The Innkeeper and Shondelle Pratt as Maria

Jay James-Moody as The Barber with Ross Chisari
Shondelle Pratt as the Horse
Reece Budin, Hayden Baltrop, Rob Johnson, Kyle Sapsford, Ric Woodhouse as The Muleteers
Joanna Weinberg, Stephen Anderson, Glenn Hill and Courtney Glass with TS
Stephen Anderson & Laurence Coy

with Glenn Hill & Rob Johnson
Stephen Anderson as The Housekeeper, Glenn Hill as The Padre, Courtney Glass as Antonia
Stephen Anderson
with Joanna Weinberg as The Duke
with Marika Aubrey as Aldonza
The Knight of the Mirrors
with Marika Aubrey & Ross Chisari
Brendan Hay & Kyle Sapsford as The Moors
"Little Bird"
Aldonza & Sancho
"Golden Helmet of Mambrino"
with Joanna Weinberg
with Marika Aubrey


  1. Looks wonderful. Melbourne please!?! xx

  2. Saw and loved The Man yesterday (7 Mar). A devotee since Torch Song Trilogy. Congrats on yet another wonderful character to move and inspire!