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Monday, July 20, 2015

The New One

We've completed our first two weeks of rehearsals in NYC.

Adam Chanler-Berat and Perry Sherman are ridiculously talented and handsome.
Leading lady Samantha Barks is a joy, seen here chatting with Alison Cimmet
Alison & Perry take selfies
Carla Duren and Adam hang out
Choreographer Sam Pinkleton works with Carla and Alyse Alan Louis while Randy Blair looks on.
Alyce and Carla sing a hot trio with Maria Christina Oliveras (C)
Alison as Amelie's mum with Paul Whitty as a goldfish.
Lunch with the cool kids.
Our dear Paul Whitty missed the last day of rehearsal in NYC. His wife, who had already gone ahead to Berkeley, went into labor and so Paul hopped the first plane on Sunday morning to join her. We took this group shot of us cooing over a garden gnome to send to Paul, and at the end of the day's rehearsal we heard that Paul's wife had given birth at 12.16pm to a beautiful baby girl. They have named her...Amelie.

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