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Thursday, November 26, 2015


One of the delights of Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando is the use of improv performers in the Main Street. A fixture of the park since it opened, the troupe is made up of a large revolving cast of characters who work in shifts and interact with the public as if they were denizens of Hollywood in 1947. They never break character and they all have detailed backstories they can call on.
Our group was a troupe of joke tellers asking for the crowd to suggest a topic. No matter what the topic they were given, they all told the same joke: "99--- walked into a bar..." So, if someone called out "dentists" all of them told variations of "99 dentists walked into a bar" finishing with their own tag such as "The barman said 'I can't serve you, you know the drill." (well, their jokes were better than that.)
They were all marvelous and soooo quick. Former Streetmosphere performers include future MAD TV stars Mo Collins and Paul Vogt.

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