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Monday, December 28, 2015


We're in our second week at La Mirada, California rehearsing the musical about the Empire State Building.
We have a splendid cast of young singer dancers playing construction workers et al so our company comes from such exotic climes as Brazil, Spain and Mexico.
We had our "Secret Santa" during the lunch break on Christmas Eve. Above center is our brilliant director/choreographer Marcia Milgrom Dodge.
Tommy Bracco ("Newsies") was particularly excited

Joe Hart plays the construction site foreman so he got a Captain's cap. Joe toured the U.S. in PRISCILLA playing Bob the mechanic.
Cooper Stanton is a breathtaking gymnast and acrobat which will come in handy on the Empire State's high beams!
Charlotte Maltby (daughter of Broadway legend Richard Maltby, Jr.) scored the champagne.
Caleb Shaw who plays Irish worker Ethan O'Dowd patiently waits for Santa
Assistant choreographer Michael Baxter
Katherine McDonough, who plays Emily O'Dowd, got my gift which included a tiny grand piano tree ornament which played Ella Fitzgerald singing "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire". Katie looks suitably bemused.
Justin Wilcox plays De Caprio
Mike Starr plays Duryeavich.
Leading lady Stephanie Gibson plays Frankie who oversees the building of the Empire State. She scored a tailor made t-shirt from Ricky Bulda.
My favorite moment: Juan Caballer (watched by Rodrigo Varandas) receiving his Secret santa gift
Then it was back to work

We don't get into the theatre for another two weeks. I'm told it's huuuuuge.

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