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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

T.T.'s show

We got back to Australia in time to see Tony Taylor's show, the third he's written for Clovelly Public School and directed by Garry Scale (pictured on the proscenium he built). 

The first show TT wrote for the school, LAST POST, was about World War I, the second, LEND ME YOUR EARS, about Shakespeare. The new show is a look at the golden days of Australian vaudeville/variety.

It was an absolute TRIUMPH. The kids (aged 10 and 11) mastered sketch comedy, tap dancing, juggling, the whole shmear, with the assistance of seasoned experts such as Toni Lamond, Nancye Hayes, Caroline Kaspar, Peter Blackburn and Linda Nairn.
The director Garry Scale joined the cast for the curtain call and was given the gift of a big pink box
which contained a custard pie
right in his kisser.
The perfect vaudevillian ending!
And of course there were cries of "Author! Author!"
Which TT emotionally acknowledged. A FABULOUS show.

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