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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sam Willmott at 54 Below

A thrilling evening at 54 Below singing Sam Willmott's beautiful, inspiring, hilarious songs.
An incredible line-up of the most beautiful and gifted young performers made it a very special evening.
Sam introduced each segment and also sang his tour de force number based on Roald Dahl's "The Witches".
The spectacular Angel Desai flanked by Josh Lerner and Ronald Peet burned up the room with "Khana, Khana"
From the same musical, BHANGIN' IT, comes "Dot Dot Dot" sung by Salena Qureshi and Robert Ariza
and from the same show, "If This Were A Thing" sung by Latoya Edwards (R), Laura Dadap, Old Crock.....
...Josh Lerner and Ronald Peet.
I got to close the show with "The B.F.G." which was very hard after a whole program of knockout showstoppers!!!!

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