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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gary's 50th

Never one to turn down an opportunity to visit Gary Stevens' and Alan George's dream home in Weehawken, I was thrilled to be invited to Gary's 50th birthday party.
Gary looks 12 as usual and one of the great pleasures of the evening was meeting his dear friends and co-stars of the original Broadway cast of MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG, Mana Allen and David Cady (R), both of whom are adorable.
Alan and Gary also kindly let me photograph their incredible collection of A CHORUS LINE memorabilia for the blog.

The guys wrote one of the definitive histories of the original production, THE LONGEST LINE, so they've probably seen almost every performer who ever danced Michael Bennett's choreography.
This marquee fits perfectly across the 2nd floor landing
This is an actual piece of "The Line" from the stage of the Shubert Theatre signed by the original cast
Gary & Alan threw a party at their last home for several "ACL" cast members and had them all sign the door as they were leaving. When the boys decided to move house they realised they would be leaving behind a piece of history. So they took the door with them!
There's Tony Award winner Sammy Williams ("Paul") and Cheryl Clark who was Australia's first "Cassie".
Orchestrator Jonathan Tunick and Aussie David Whitney from the 1st Australian revival cast.
And this is my favourite: the final Broadway cast board from the Shubert foyer. Naturally the boys are already booked to see the West End revival next year.

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  1. Just watched "Every Little Step"...thanks for sharing all the CHORUS LINE memorabilia photos!!